Service Master Easy
Diagnostic Meter


The Parker Service Master Easy is a multi-channel handheld measuring device for the simultaneous mea- suring of important hydraulic values. All hydraulic parameters such as pressure, differential pressure, flow and hydraulic power can be measured, displayed, saved and processed. To meet the requirements of both modern industrial hydraulics and complex mobile hydraulics, we offer a range of different models.


  • 3-channel and 4-channel versions
  • Easy operation due to automatic sensor recognition
  • PC connection
  • Calculation channels
  • Integrated memory
  • Trigger saving
  • Incl. PC software SensoWin®

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We are Parker Hannifin’s official condition monitoring specialist distributor. We stock a wide range of Service Master Plus, Serviceman Plus, icount, and IPD’s.

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icountOS /WiFi

The icountOS (IOS) is an innovative solution to the challenge of measuring the quality of hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon fuels in many different applications.

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