Service Master Plus

Portable multi-function hand held measuring instrument


It has never been so easy to measure, display and analyse the complex processes in these sectors. Potential uses include preventative maintenance, commissioning, troubleshooting and machine optimization.

The increased requirements of these modern applications (.e.g several measurement points, longer cables and high noise immunity) have driven further development of the CAN bus. Parker’s CAN bus sensors now take advantage of the bus system’s automatic sensor detection capability to provide an optimised and easy-to-install Plug & Play solution. However, compatibility with existing diagnostic sensors is still ensured.

Benefits include:

  • Mobile multi-function handheld measuring device
  • Pressure, temperature, volume flow and speed can be measured, monitored and analysed
  • Measurements and displays from 26 sensors
  • Measured values shown as numeric, bar graph, gauge and curve displays
  • Project templates can be stored and loaded
  • Interfaces: CAN, LAN, USB
  • Total memory for more than 1 billion measured values
  • Measured data can be (automatically) recorded, saved and analysed with the PC software SensoWin® and a LAN or USB connection

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Measured value presentation:

  • Numerical
  • Bar Graph
  • Pointer
  • Curve Graph
Measurement and display of more than 50 channels
Everything is measured, stored, monitored and analysed – pressure temperature, flow and rotary speed
Remote monitoring via LAN, regardless of location

icount OS

Measure cleanliness and moisture levels in oil and fuels with this robust, portable, and easy to use device.

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By-pass filter suitable for systems of up to 400 litres. Max feed pressure 350 Bar. Flow rate restricted to 2 l/m.

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Service Master Plus

A rugged, portable device to measure and log pressure, temperature, flow, and speed.

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