Other ETL ConMon Products

Other products include Electrical signal measurement, electronic pressure gauges, RPM measurement and accessories.

Frequency Converter

The SCMA-FCU-600 can be used to connect frequency signals (for example from turbines, flow counters or tachometers) to our handheld measuring devices.

Current/Voltage Measurement

Electric currents up to 4 ADC or voltages up to 48 VDC can be measured with this module.

RPM Measurement

Rotational-speed-dependent data, such as flowrate from variable pumps, are determined ideally in combination with the pressure and volume flow measurement of a hydraulic drive.

Service Junior

The ServiceJunior measures and displays pressures in a single device.

Connection Cables

Parker CAN bus cables are used to connect Parker CAN bus sensors to The Parker Service Master Plus SCM- 500 or The Parker Serviceman Plus SCM-155-2-05.