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The Tricor Mass Flow Meters measure simultaneously mass flow, volume flow, temperature and density and consequently can replace different measuring instruments.

Due to a construction free of dead spots the meters are well flushable and can be easily sterilised.
The Tricor Mass Flow Meters do not contain any moving parts and consequently are suited for polluted media as well.

According to the requirements the Tricor Mass Flow Meters are available as compact version with on site display and remote version with electronics in a wall mount or panel mount housing.

For the compact version an additional remote display (TRD 8001) is available, designed for cable lengths up to 1 km.


  • Pmax. 350 bar
  • Short response time
  • DKD calibration
  • Excellent puring and sterilisation qualities due to a construction free of dead spots
  • Up to +150°C medium temperature
  • Individual 8-point-calibration including report
  • Ex protected as per ATEX and EMC tested

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Flow Meter Displays

We offer a wide range of displays which give local and remote indication of flowrate and total volume.

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ETL – RN4 Turbine Flow Meter

This flanged range of flowmeters will provide you with a highly accurate way of measuring liquids over the range of 2 to 9000 litres/min.

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ETL – RN7 Turbine Flow Meter

The RN7 hygienic turbine flowmeters are specifically designed for the measurement of liquid flow in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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