The home of CARDEV Oil Filtration & Coolant Handling,
MOTOREX Metalworking Fluids, ETL Flow Meters & Instrumentation and ETL ConMon.


Oil Filtration & Coolant Handling

By-pass and offline oil filtration equipment for industry and mobile plant. Coolant mixing, handling, cleaning & recycling equipment. Increase fluid life & reduce costs.


Metalworking Fluids

A range of high performance SWISSLINE products covering every aspect of metalworking, from SWISSCOOL water miscible oils, SWISSCUT neat cutting oils, SWISSGRIND grinding & SPINDLELINE spindle fluids.


Flow Meters & Instrumentation

Flowmeters & instrumentation. Subsea flowmeter specialists, offering bespoke design and consultancy, as well as a range of standard products.


CNC Machine Cleaning Service

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. It doesn’t have to be you!


Is Managing Your Coolant A Constant Headache?