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MOTOREX Metalworking Fluids

MOTOREX range of high performance SWISSLINE products cover every aspect of metalworking, from SWISSCOOL water miscible oils. Through to SWISSCUT neat cutting oils, SWISSGRIND grinding fluids and SPINDLELINE spindle fluids.


MOTOREX metalworking fluids are universal water miscible high performance fluids, suitable for all materials from cast iron, steels, aluminium and exotics.


Universal cutting oils with VMax technology. Suited for use with high alloy steels none ferrous metals, and aluminium.

MOTOREX SwissGrind

High performance grinding oils and metalworking fluids.

MOTOREX SpindleLine

Cooling liquids & Spindle oil.

MOTOREX SwissGlide

A complete range of slideway oils (waylubes) & industrial lubricants.

MOTOREX SwissForming

EDM Dielectric fluids and oils.

MOTOREX SwissFinish

Spark-erosion, low-mist and honing oils.

MOTOREX SwissClean

Coolant system, machine and spindle cleaning fluids.


The spray solution for all applications.