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Marine & Subsea

Subsea Flow Meters, CARDEV Subsea Filtration & MOTOREX Marine Oils

Subsea Flow Meters

A range of turbine and positive displacement flowmeters. These are capable of depths of up to 4,000 metres and working pressures up to 1000 bar.

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CARDEV Subsea & Offshore Filtration

A range of specialist filtration equipment designed specifically for use in Subsea and Offshore environments. Particles (including dissolved salt from sea water) and moisture are removed leaving oil “cleaner than new”*, whilst reducing downtime and component wear.

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MOTOREX Marine Lubricants

A range of high-performance marine lubricants from MOTOREX including:

• Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
• Gear Oil
• Biodegradable Grease


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A range of CNC machine cleaners, skimmers, MOTOREX sprays and much more.