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Subsea Flow Meters

We have a great many years of experience in supplying either standard or bespoke subsea and Top side solutions for the offshore oil industry. Flow turbines up to 10″ bore.

For subsea we offer a range of turbine and positive displacement flowmeters. These are capable of depths of up to 4,000 metres and working pressures up to 1000 bar.

A wide range of pickups with pulse, 4-20ma and RS232 are possible, and connections with either Seacon, Subcon, Burton or similar connectors are possible. The sensor housings are 316 Stainless Non magnetic is possible also, they are potted to withstand depths down to 4,000 metres. Each Turbine is wet calibrated with a traceable 5 point certificate. We offer a bespoke design service offering individual connection types,individual size and shape options to help reduce weight are also possible.

Custom Built Subsea Turbines

Complete range of subsea turbines, various outputs and connections, 4000 metre depth, 1000 bar working pressure. Latest configuration and calibration software. Bespoke custom options possible.

Standard Subsea Turbine Models

Flow rates from 1-9000L/Min. No welded seams, and flange and threaded options possible. Stainless steel (316) as standard.

Low Flow Subsea Meters

Range of stainless steel low flow positive displacement flowmeters, suitable for subsea use, to 4,000 meters. Flow rates 0.5L/hr to 40L/Min.

Subsea Display System

The SDS is a user configurable unit that can be set to act either as a counter or as an analogue display on Subsea tools, modules & installations without the need for a complex control system or datalink.

Pick Ups and Amplifiers for Subsea Flow Meters

316 Stainless steel housings with various output options Subcann, Seacan, Burton, Flying lead. Amplified pulse output, RS232 or 4-20ma options 4000 meter depth rated.