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Subsea Positive Displacement Flowmeters


Low flow positive displacement flow meters up to 1035 bar and 4000 meter depth.

Suitable for flow rates as low as 0.005 litres/min. These flow meters are most suitable for viscous oils and fluids. Various connectors can be used dependent on the customers requirements, including Subcon, Seacon, Burton.

Outputs on these meters can pulse, 4-20ma or RS232. Accuracy better than 0.5%.

Typical ranges are:

ETLFLOW-200-SSEA…1L – 0.006—1.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200-SSEA…3l – 0.02—3.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200-SSEA…7.5L – 0.05—7.5 l/min
ETLFLOW-200-SSEA…25L – 0.2—25 l/min
ETLFLOW-200-SSEA…75L – 0.5—75.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200-SSEA…150L – 1.5—150.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200-SSEA…225L – 2.0—225.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200-SSEA…450L – 4.0—450.0 l/min


  • Wide measuring range
  • Short response time
  • Stainless steel and Aluminium versions
  • High pressure options up to 1035 bar
  • Individual calibrations
  • Various bearing options dependent on fluid
  • Various options for pick ups and outputs

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