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Turbine Flow Meters

We offer a complete range of turbine flowmeters from Stainless steel versions from 1 – 18,000L/Min, with dairy fittings, flanges, bsp screwed to high pressure Subsea options.

Bespoke options and special calibrations are possible on our turbine flowmeters range. We also offer a range of cost effective meters supplied in PVC, Aluminium options on smaller flows. The Flowstat sensor is a low cost oem style flowmeter with various output options.

ETL – RN Series

Range of stainless steel turbine flowmeters, threaded and flanged options. Suitable for low viscosity fluids. 5 point calibration certification as standard.

Insertion Dual Pulse

DP490 & DP525 are cost effective stainless steel flowmeters for measuring the flow of water, fuels & other low viscosity liquids in pipes sizes 1.5”~100” (40~2500mm).

Offshore Hammer Union Turbine

The ETL3 -1502 flowmeter is a rugged, versatile meter that has been designed to meet the demanding applications associated with the oil and petrochemical industries.