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Is Managing Your Coolant A Constant Headache?

We Can Help.

Your coolant supplier is holding you back.

It’s time to think differently about metalworking fluids.


Frequent technician visits ensure coolant and equipment is kept in an optimum state. Dedicated machine clean and installation team.


Specialist CARDEV equipment (manufactured by us in the UK) to mix, top up and clean your coolant automatically.


The ultimate in high performance metalworking fluids from MOTOREX of Switzerland, available exclusively in the UK from ETL Fluid Experts.

Our fixed price fluid management metalworking customers can benefit from all this for a monthly charge in line with their existing coolant spend.

Our Key Benefits

Service. Equipment. Fluid.

Increased Productivity

Machine time is valuable. Our servicing and monitoring mean that clean outs are less frequent, faster and always planned well in advance

Reduced Tooling Costs

Some of our customers have saved more in tooling than we charge them for our services!

Health & Safety Benefits

Manual handling risks are eliminated with CARDEV coolant handling equipment. Trampoil removal and control of bacterial growth minimise associated health concerns. (such as dermatitis and respiratory risks).

Reduced Waste Costs

Longer sump life means reduced waste disposal costs, and less waste fluid held on site.

No Upfront Costs

Convert your entire workshop to MOTOREX high performance coolant and benefit from CARDEV coolant management equipment with no impact on your cash flow – everything is covered in our fixed monthly cost.

Improved Surface Finish

With the best performing fluids, maintained in optimum condition, surface finish improvements can be dramatic

Happier Operators

Keeping machines clean and topped can be a dirty, time consuming job, but now your operators don’t have to do it! Instead they just benefit from clear windows and no more nasty smells.

Never Run Out Of Coolant Again

We’ll manage your on-site fluid stock. You will never need to raise a purchase order for fluid again!

Centralised Condition Monitoring

Keep an eye on the condition of the fluid in all your machines using our easy to digest weekly email report.

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How It Works

Our Process

Get In Touch

Set up an initial meeting with one of our experts. We don’t do hard sell, and we won’t suggest anything that doesn’t easily justify itself with associated benefits and savings.

Your Current Fluid Arrangement

We will quickly assess your existing metalworking fluid supply and management arrangements including consumption, overall expenditure, and any issues that you are currently experiencing.

A Decent Proposal

We create a unique proposal detailing our commitment to you: extra on-site service, specialist coolant management equipment installed in your workshop, and the latest high performance metalworking fluids available, all at fixed price equivalent to your existing coolant spend.

A Trial Without Tribulations

There is no substitute for seeing our service in your workshop, on your machine and with your team. So if you like the look of our proposal, the next step is for us to clean one of your machines (and when we clean a machine we do a proper job) fill it with MOTOREX, install some CARDEV fluid management equipment and demonstrate our high levels of service.

Say The Word And We’ll Get To Work

When you’ve seen the positive impacts our solution offers, the next stage is to enter into to a fixed price supply agreement. We then swoop in with our engineers and specialist equipment. Every one of your machines gets cleaned and filled with MOTOREX high performance metalworking fluids, whilst CARDEV coolant handling equipment is installed to make everyone’s life easier going forward.


Frequent technician visits ensure coolant and equipment is kept in an optimum state. Dedicated machine clean and installation team.

On-site Service Is Central

We really do go the extra mile. Our team will take care of all your machine clean-outs, ensure your coolant equipment is serviced, and carry out routine coolant monitoring. Any issues along the way will be dealt with quickly and professionally.

On average you can expect to see us on-site at least once a week for a few hours, with our coolant management equipment taking good care of your needs whilst we are away.

E-FM Reports

Scrappy coolant monitoring sheets stuck to machines don’t cut it any more. Our electronic reports arrive via email, providing an auditable record of coolant condition per machine, with any important information flagged for
your attention.


Specialist CARDEV equipment (manufactured by us in the UK) to mix, top up and clean your coolant automatically.


Coolant Mixing Stations capable of delivering via distribution pipework systems or locally via dispensing gun. Fast delivery, accurate mixing.

Tramp Oil Skimmers

Tramp oil skimmers remove the top layer of tramp oil found in coolant sumps, reducing bacterial growth. Removes unpleasant smells. Increases machine up time and extends cutting fluid life.

Coolant Cleaning System – CCS

Central coolant recycling station capable of treating 500 liters of used coolant every 3 to 4 hours


The ultimate in high performance metalworking fluids from MOTOREX of Switzerland, available exclusively in the UK from ETL Fluid Experts.


Universal water miscible high performance metalworking fluids. For all materials from cast iron, steels, aluminium and exotics.


High performance grinding oils and metalworking fluids.


Cooling liquids & Spindle oil.


A complete range of waylube & industrial lubricants fluids.


Commonly Asked Questions

How many visits are made to our factory?

This depends on the number of machines, your specific processes and what CARDEV equipment we put on site. Typically you could expect to see a technician once per week, all the way up to our largest accounts which could have one or more permanently assigned staff on site.

Can I trial your services before I commit?

Absolutely. We make some pretty bold claims, and so we realise that the best way to gain your confidence is to trial our equipment, service and fluid on a machine in your workshop. Choose your worst – we like a challenge.

Can I buy MOTOREX metalworking fluids and CARDEV equipment without a supply agreement?

All our MOTOREX fluids and most of our CARDEV coolant management equipment is available for purchase individually. We also offer on-site service on commercial terms if required.

We sincerely believe, however, that the benefits of us managing your fluid, with specialist equipment installed and our on-site service, make our fixed price supply agreement not only the most cost-effective option, but also the best way to guarantee fantastic results.

What metalworking fluids do you supply?

We are the exclusive distributor of MOTOREX high performance metalworking fluids in the UK. The range consists of over 1500 products, covering every aspect of metalworking from SwissCool water miscible oils, through to SwissCut neat cutting oils, SwissGrind grinding fluids and SpindleLine spindle fluids.

What coolant equipment will you install in our workshop?

We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of CARDEV coolant management equipment for every stage in the life of a metalworking fluid. We will select and install equipment that best meets your specific circumstances.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! We use the best metalworking fluids on the market, our CARDEV fluid management kit, and our expertise in on-site service, to reduce the volume of fluid consumed in your workshop.

This saving allows us to provide you with all the extra equipment and service we offer, as part of our fixed price supply agreements.

If you still have a question, you can always email

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Interested in a free trial? Call us now on

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