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Spindle Line – Spindle Fluids


COOL- X is a ready-to-use coolant with corrosion protection for high-speed spindles.

Cool-Core Ready

Specifically formulated StepTec. COOL-CORE READY is used as coolant and an anti-corrosion agent in motor spindle cooling systems, in particular where there is an inadequate supply of clean drinking water available for mixing purposes.

Cool-Core Fluid

COOL-CORE FLUID is used as an anti-corrosion additive in motor spindle cooling systems.

Cool-X Service

COOL-X SERVICE is a ready-to-use fluid for cleaning, disinfecting and flushing the closed cooling circuits of machine tools.

Cool Concentrate

COOL CONCENTRATE is a fully synthetic, watermiscible concentrated coolant.

Cool Oil

Cool-Oil is a spindle cooling oil that opens up totally new possibilities.

Spindle Lube Hyperclean

SPINDLE LUBE are ultra-fine filtered HLP-D hydraulic oils (DIN 51 524/T2).