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MOTOREX SwissCool – Water Miscible Coolants

MOTOREX SwissCool range of universal high-performance water miscible coolants is suitable for cast iron, steel, aluminum, and exotics.

SwissCool UX 440

SWISSCOOL UX 440 is a mineral oil-containing, water-miscible cutting fluid, free of boron and formaldehyde. Due to the additives used, UX 440 has excellent wettability and optimum cooling and lubricating effects.

SwissCool 3000

SwissCool 3000 is a universal water-miscible, mineral oil containing metal working fluid.

SwissCool 8000

For ultimate performance with exotic materials, MOTOREX SwissCool 8000 is a universal, water-miscible, mineral oil containing cutting fluid.

SwissCool Medical 8100

It is essential that the water miscible cutting fluids used for the production of implants intended for the medical industry have a good biocompatibility.

Designed for Medical machining.

SwissCool Aero 8200

SwissCool AERO 8200 is a universal, water-miscible cutting fluid. Free from chlorine, boron and formaldehyde.

Designed for Aerospace machining.