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MOTOREX SwissCool Medical 8100
The New Polymer-Technology From MOTOREX For The Best Performance


It is essential water miscible cutting fluids used for the production of implants intended for the medical industry have good biocompatibility. SwissCool Medical 8100 is not cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5. This demanding test ascertains the influence of the processing medium on the body viability. Water miscible cutting fluids are classified as not cytotoxic when the body viability is more than 70%. SwissCool Medical 8100 reached a result of over 80%.


  • Free from boron and formaldehyde
  • Mild formulation
  • Extraordinary performance
  • Above-average tool life
  • Suitable for medical stainless steel
  • Water hardness
  • Forms stable and low-foam emulsions with preparation water between 5°dH and 30°dH
  • Complies with current legislation
  • Conforms to TRGS 611
  • Excellent rinsing behaviour
  • Clean machine tools
  • Very clean workpieces after machining
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Protects machines and parts
  • Excellent biostability
  • The selected formulation prevents uncontrolled biological growth, resulting in a long emulsion service life
  • No biological growth according to the ASTM E2275-13 test
MOTOREX SwissCool 3000 from ETL Fluid Experts

Field of Application

Machining Process





Medical Stainless Steel


Aluminium Alloys

Difficult to work and Non-ferrous Metals

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    4 Reasons You Should Switch To SwissCool Medical 8100

    Low Consumption

    SWISSCOOL MEDICAL 8100‘s new polymertechnology has excellent fl ushing properties, keeping the machine very clean and reducing consumption to a minimum.

    Excellent Biostability

    The complex structure of the new polymer-technology hinders nutrient intake by bacteria, thereby naturally inhibiting their growth.

    Highly Effective Corrosion Protection for a Wide Spectrum of Applications

    The new polymer-technology in SWISSCOOL MEDICAL 8100 protects machine and workpiece against corrosion and permits smooth cutting of critical aluminium alloys, titanium, high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals

    Conforms to Current Regulations

    The innovative formula is free of chlorine, boric acid and formaldehyde. This makes it very gentle and ensures excellent compatibility with people, materials and machines.

    Interested in a trial?

    We’d love to clean and fill one of your machines with MOTOREX Premium Coolant!

    Our cleaning procedure includes:

    System cleaner added to your machine

    Old coolant removed, sump and interior cleaned. Conveyor also cleaned if fitted

    Machine filled with weak solution of new coolant (1 or 2%) and circulate to flush out residues of old coolant

    Fully empty coolant wipe down all surfaces

    Refill system as recommended by fluid supplier

    Update coolant monitoring charts for HSE

    Trial MOTOREX Now

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    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on

    01423 522 911

    or email


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