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Coolant Handing Equipment, MOTOREX Metalworking Fluids & Fluid Management Services

Coolant Equipment

Coolant Handling Equipment for every stage in the life of a metalworking fluid. Accurate mixing, safe and efficient fluid transfer and recycling systems help:

• Reduce costs
• Increase coolant life
• Reduce Health and Safety risks
• Reduce carbon footprint

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MOTOREX Metalworking Fluids

ETL Fluid Experts is the sole UK importer of MOTOREX Industrial lubricants. The MOTOREX range of high performance SWISSLINE products covers every aspect of metalworking:

• SWISSCOOL Water Miscible Coolants
• SWISSCUT Neat Cutting Oils
• SWISSGRIND Grinding Fluids
• SPINDLELINE Spindle Fluids

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Management Services

Our fixed price fluid management customers benefit from Service, Equipment, and Fluid for a monthly charge, (which is often no more than their previous coolant spend.) Agreements include:

• Frequent site visits to monitor and adjust coolant
• Machine cleanouts when necessary
• Coolant equipment (installed & maintained)
• All necessary MOTOTREX metalworking fluids

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A range of CNC machine cleaners, skimmers, MOTOREX sprays and much more.