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MOTOREX SwissCut – Neat Cutting Oils

There are certain success factors that go into every production process – the operator, the machine, the tool, the material, and the cutting oil. The result is always only as good as the weakest link. Whether your work is done on seasoned machinery or on state-of-the-art tools and production centers, the cutting oil you use is always a determining factor in the success of your company’s production processes.

MOTOREX Swisscut range of neat cutting oils gives high performance, long service life, and reduced production costs.

Decomed HPX

SWISSCUT DECOMED HP-X are high-end cutting oils of the latest generation based on highly refined base oils.

SwissCut Ortho NF-X

SwissCut Ortho NF-X are high-performance cutting oils, which can be used to manufacture high-alloyed steels, nonferrous metals and aluminium to an optimum finish.

SwissCut Ortho SX

SwissCut Ortho SX Fluids are cutting oils that are free of chlorine and heavy metals.

SwissCut Ortho S

SwissCut Ortho S Fluids are multipurpose oils based on low-aromatic mineral oils.

Micro Ferro

SwissCut Micro Ferro is a minimum-quantity lubricant/coolant (called MQL) made of vegetable base oils and for use in high-pressure spray systems.

Micro ALU

SwissCut Micro ALU is a minimum-quantity lubricant coolant (called MQL) suitable for high-pressure spray systems.

SwissCut Ortho TX

SwissCut Ortho TX Fluids are cutting oils that are free of chlorine and heavy metals.