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High-performance cutting oil for all types of metals.


SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X are high-performance cutting oils, which can be used to manufacture high-alloyed steels, nonferrous metals and aluminium to an optimum finish. This is a new innovation in modern manufacturing technology. It does away with the need for various costly operations such as separate production lines for assorted processing, pre-washing non-ferrous workpieces and blending different types of machining oils in the manufacturing process. These cutting oils are particularly suitable for vmax machining.

Area of application

Swisscut ORTHO NF-X cutting oils were developed so that only one type of cutting oil would be needed to cover all types of materials.

These universal oils are suitable for steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and aluminium, which are difficult to work with.


  • Vmax technology
  • All-purpose oil for all types of materials
  • Significantly extended tool life
  • Optimum workpiece surface finishes
  • Cutting data can be optimised
  • Very easy on the skin
  • Low volatility
  • Extremely cost-effective

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use ORTHO NF-X

ORTHO NF-X is suitable for all materials

Measurable reduced tooling costs and longer tool life

Parts can be cleaned easily and throughly

Meets the strict guidelines from manufacturers such as Bosch, Daimler Chrysler and others. Ideal for manufacturing implants in the medical industry

MOTOREX Vmax-Technology maximises productivity by facilitating higher sppeds and feeds

Low odour and mist properties, contains no chlorine or heavy materials

The perfect combination of high-end additives and low ester base oil prevents undesirable reactions with machine paint, seals and nonferrous metals

Time For Efficiency:
The Vmax-Technology

Anyone who works in metalworking will be particularly aware of the old saying that ‘time is money’. Particularly in precision turning, optimising cutting data by using the right product from the SWISSCUT range can substantially reduce throughput times.

The MOTOREX Vmax technology in SWISSCUT cutting oils takes advantage of the heat generated during the machining process at just the right movement, creating positive chemical synergies for enhanced performance.

Back to back trials of the Motorex UX550 coolant gave us 37 components per edge against 7 components per edge with our old coolant. Same machines, same material, same components, same feeds and speeds. The ETL Fluid Experts engineer just gave my machine a thorough clean and filled with the Motorex coolant. Top up has been minimal and the machine is still fresh and clean XX months later. The performance, as well as the financial benefits, have convinced us to convert the whole workshop over to Motorex.


Coolant Mixing Stations capable of delivering via distribution pipework systems or locally via dispensing gun. Fast delivery, accurate mixing.

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MOTOREX SUPERGLISS K contain surface-active substances, which improve the coefficient of friction and even prevents stick-slip at slow feed rate and heavy loads.

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Fluid Transfer Unit – FTU

Portable transfer unit for draining / filling sumps, as well as removing particle contamination without any machine downtime.

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