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CNC Machine Cleaning Service

Skin irritation, smelly coolant, tramp oil, bad tool life are all machine problems caused by either user error or poor maintenance, leading to costly machine downtimes.

It’s important regular maintenance and repair schedules are carried out, which can not only extend the life of your machine but will increase tool life and improve machine performance.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. It doesn’t have to be you!

Safeguard your investment by allowing ETL FluidExperts® to look after your machine, providing a solution that will ensure your CNC machine is looking and running at its optimum performance.

This service is only available in the UK.

Our cleaning procedure includes:

System cleaner added to your machine.

Old coolant removed, sump and interior cleaned. Conveyor also cleaned if fitted.

Machine filled with weak solution of new coolant (1 or 2%) and circulate to flush out residues of old coolant.

Fully empty coolant wipe down all surfaces.

Refill system as recommended by fluid supplier.

Update coolant monitoring charts for HSE.


Interested in a trial?

We’d love to clean and fill one of your machines with MOTOREX Premium Coolant!
Call us on 01423 522 911 to book an engineer.

Back to back trials of the MOTOREX UX550 coolant gave us 37 components per edge against 7 components per edge with our old coolant. Same machines, same material, same components, same feeds, and speeds. The ETL Fluid Experts © engineer gave my machine a thorough clean and filled with it MOTOREX coolant. Top up has been minimal and the machine is still fresh and clean months later. The performance, as well as the financial benefits, have convinced us to convert the whole workshop over to MOTOREX.

For more information call 01423 522 911 or email

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