MOTOREX Cool Concentrate 1ltr


MOTOREX Cool Concentrate is a fully synthetic, water miscible concentrated coolant. Provides long-term protection against corrosion.

MOTOREX COOL-CORE READY is used as coolant and an anti-corrosion agent in motor spindle cooling systems, in particular where there is an inadequate supply of clean drinking water available for mixing purposes.

Available in 1ltr, 5ltr, and 25ltr containers.

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  • Efficient heat removal
  • Prevents electrochemical corrosion
  • Effective in protecting aluminium, non-ferrous and ferrous metals from corrosion
  • Zinc-plated parts are not affected
  • Low maintenance
  • Compatible with plastics typically used in machine construction and sealing materials

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Use only drinking water which does not exceed the following limits:

– water hardness max. 20°dH
– chloride max. 100 ppm
– sulphate max. 100 ppm

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