MOTOREX Spindle Lube ISO VG46 HYPER 4ltr


Used for lubricating bearings in high frequency spindles. Fill central lubrication system directly with Spindle Lube VG46, without any remedies and close bottle carefully after use. Ensure no dirt gets into the remaining oil when topping up the central lubrication system.

Spindle Lube Oils are ultra-fine filtered HLP-D hydraulic oils (DIN 51 524/T2). The purity class is specified as 15/13/10 in accordance with the ISO 4406 standard. They are characterised by excellent detergent and dispersing properties.

Available in 4ltr containers.

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Advantages of Spindle Lube VG46 HYPER:

  • Ultra-fine filtered of purity class 15/13/10 in accordance with ISO 4406
  • Marked wear-reducing active ingredients
  • Effective EP properties
  • Fast air release capacity
  • Good anti-foaming action

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