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High-performance cutting, deep-drilling and broaching oils for non-ferrous metals.


SWISSCUT ORTHO SX Fluids are cutting oils that are free of chlorine and heavy metals. The highest requirements, such as the most difficult machining processes, awkward machinability of many materials and extreme manufacturing conditions, are met without any problem. SWISSCUT ORTHO SX cutting oils are light, low-evaporation oils with an odour that is mild. Even under unfavourable working conditions, they tend neither to foam nor to form an excessive amount of spray.

Area of application

For all drilling processes with single-flute BTA and ejector tools. Full core drilling and boring very different materials. For automatic machines, thread-cutting and shaping operations, broaching, reaming.

Gear-cutting operations such as hob cutting, gear-planing, shaving and gear-tooth grinding. Not suitable for non-ferrous metals.


  • Ageing stability
  • Good skin compatibility
  • Extremely long tool life
  • Excellent surface qualities
  • Drilled holes maintain dimensional accuracy for length of application

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Back to back trials of the Motorex UX550 coolant gave us 37 components per edge against 7 components per edge with our old coolant. Same machines, same material, same components, same feeds and speeds. The ETL Fluid Experts engineer just gave my machine a thorough clean and filled with the Motorex coolant. Top up has been minimal and the machine is still fresh and clean XX months later. The performance, as well as the financial benefits, have convinced us to convert the whole workshop over to Motorex.


Coolant Mixing Stations capable of delivering via distribution pipework systems or locally via dispensing gun. Fast delivery, accurate mixing.

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MOTOREX SUPERGLISS K contain surface-active substances, which improve the coefficient of friction and even prevents stick-slip at slow feed rate and heavy loads.

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Fluid Transfer Unit – FTU

Portable transfer unit for draining / filling sumps, as well as removing particle contamination without any machine downtime.

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