Oil Filtration Equipment

The CARDEV range is wide, but with a common theme; maximising the life of your oils and coolants. In doing so we deliver financial, environmental, health & safety and operational benefits.

By-Pass Filter Systems

CARDEV by-pass filters are permanently installed, taking a small amount of flow from the system to which they are fitted, continually filtering whilst the machine runs.

Offline Filtration Systems

CARDEV’s Offline filter systems are either portable or fixed units, fitted with self-contained pumping systems, allowing oil to be filtered even when your machinery is not running. Also useful for containers of oil.

Subsea & Offshore Filtration

A bespoke range of by-pass and Offline filtration systems designed specifically for the subsea and offshore industry.

By-Pass Oil Filtration For Engines

Engine by-pass filter suitable for very small engines and large engines.

Coolant Handling Equipment

A comprehensive range of equipment for every stage in the life of a metalworking fluid. Accurate mixing, safe and efficient fluid transfer, recycling systems and efficient disposal methods help: Reduce costs, Increase coolant life, Reduce Health and Safety risks, Reduce carbon footprint.

Coolant Mixing

Accurate concentration, strong emulsions and fast delivery; locally or through distribution pipework.

Coolant Mixing Range >

Coolant Transfer

Safe and efficient movement of fluids around the workshop.

Coolant Transfer Range >

Coolant Cleaning/Recycling

Extend coolant life, reduce disposal volumes & coolant costs, reduce H&S risks.

Cleaning Range >