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Gear Flow Meters

Stainless and Aluminium options, ATEX approved, wide range of temperature options. Gear meters give excellent high pulse resolution, accuracy and chemical resistance.

ETLFLOW-200 Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meters

ETLFLOW-200 positive displacement gear flow meters measures the flow on the volumetric principle, in which gearwheels is moved proportional to the flow rate.

ZHM (Stainless Steel Design)

Flow rates from 0.005 to 1000L/Min. Pressures up to 1000 bar. Suitable for a wide range of fluids including paints, glues, resins.

ZHA (Aluminium Gear Flow Meters)

Flow rates from 0.02 to 500L/Min. Pressure up to 350 bar. Suitable for hydraulic oils and emulsions.