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Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meters


Gear flow meters (ETLFLOW 200) are positive displacement gear meters, two precise gears rotate freely inside a measuring chamber. Their rotational frequency is measured and is directly proportional to the flow rate.

Typical ranges are:

ETLFLOW-200…1L – 0.006—1.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200…3l – 0.02—3.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200…7.5L – 0.05—7.5 l/min
ETLFLOW-200…25L – 0.2—25 l/min
ETLFLOW-200…75L – 0.5—75.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200…150L – 1.5—150.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200…225L – 2.0—225.0 l/min
ETLFLOW-200…450L – 4.0—450.0 l/min


  • Wide measuring range
  • Short response time
  • Stainless steel and Aluminium versions
  • High pressure options up to 1060 bar
  • Individual calibrations
  • Various bearing options dependent on fluid
  • Various options for pick ups and outputs

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