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Single Display System


ETL Flow’s range of Subsea Control Systems have lead to the development of a stand alone battery powered Subsea Display System (SDS). The SDS is a user configurable unit that can be set to act either as a counter or as an analogue display on Subsea tools, modules & installations without the need for a complex control system or datalink.

The SDS allows critical measurements of process values such as turns, torque, pressure or extension to be monitored at a low cost. The SDS can be set to accurately display correctly scaled values of any variable to 0.3%.

The SDS is supplied with a Strain Gauge analogue input and switch / proximity sensor input interfaces. The user can quickly select what functionality they require with a PC. The SDS has an inbuilt light sensor that actuates the display only when illuminated by ROV lights or Rig camera. This allows the SDS to remain dormant for years before operation and display.


  • Battery Life:7 days (average display on continuously) 6 months standby (NiMH), 4 years (Primary)
  • Wakened by ROV lighting
  • 5 digit LED display displays up to +/- 9999
  • User scaleable measurement value
  • External zero (tare) capability
  • Scaling & Input type displayed on power up
  • Size: 200 x 80 x 40mm (L x W x Dia.)
  • Weight: 1.6kg (in air), 1.1kg in water
  • Environmental: -10 to 50oC
  • Connectors:
    Subconn MCDC8M (Sensor)
    Subconn MCDC5M (Charge)

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