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Mobile Offline Filter System


The CARDEV 6S offline filter system removes water and particle contamination for most oils, leaving them “Cleaner Than New”. Oil can be filtered whilst machinery is running, when machinery is stopped, and even when the oil is removed from the machinery. With your machinery always running with extremely clean oil it becomes more reliable and more efficient, with lifetime operating costs dropping dramatically. Oil drain extensions (alongside condition monitoring) create further environmental and cost benefits.

Supplied with 6x SDFC Filter Element.

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  • Automatic low pressure cut-off
    Ideal for transferring fluid to / from machines – when the transfer is complete the unit safely shuts down
  • Integrated sample points
    For easy connection of a portable particle counter


  • Removes microparticles
  • Removes free and dissolved water contamination
  • Increases system reliability
  • Prevents system corrosion
  • Reduces component wear
  • Extends oil life and generates CO2 saving
  • Reduces operating costs


Dimensions (mm):

H: 990 W: 597 L: 1099

Flow Rate (l/h):


Max Operating Temperature:


Weight (kg):


Filter Element Type:

Standard Fit 6 x SDFC (Oil based fluids)

Mobile Offline Filter System

Mobile Offline Filter System

Mobile Offline Filter System

Mobile Offline Filter System

Mobile Offline Filter System

Filtration Results

Particles Removed

100 times magnified, 1 scale mark = 10μm. Oil cleanliness is maintained at better than new levels. (Down to 13/11/8 (ISO 4406: 1999) – Class 2 NAS 1638).

Before using CARDEV Filtration

After using CARDEV Filtration

Before And After Using CARDEV Oil Filtration

Water Removed

Removes free and dissolved water down to <50ppm (0.005%).

Without CARDEV Filtration

Not monitoring your oil is more damaging than you think.

With CARDEV Filtration

Within 1 week of installing a CARDEV Filtration system, you will notice a significant improvement with your machine.

Perfomance Guide

In order to achieve optimum cleanliness, it is necessary to process a system’s volume through the system up to 5 times. Flow through the system is dependent on several factors. The grade of the oil, its temperature, base oil technology and contamination levels all have the potential to change the flow rate that can be achieved, and therefore the time required to reach optimum cleanliness.

As a guide please refer to the table below:

100 Litre System 250 Litre System 500 Litre System 1000 Litre System
Oil Type
ISO VG46 HLP @40°C 1 hr 2 hr 30 5 hr 10 hr

Note: Flow rates, oil cleanliness levels and moisture removal results are based on ISO VG 46 Mineral Oil @ 40°C

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Download the 6S datasheet

Download Datasheet

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Frequently Asked Oil Filtration Questions

What is contamination?

Contamination can be broken down into three basic forms – Particulate, Water and Air.

Particulate is generally classified as ‘Silt’ or ‘Chip’. Silt is defined as an accumulation over time of particulates measuring less than 5 microns. The effect of Silt contamination is a slow degradation of system component performance and failure. Chips (measuring more than 5 microns) have a more dramatic effect and can cause immediate, catastrophic, unplanned and costly failures.

Where does contamination come from?

There are many areas where contamination can gain access into a hydraulic system, starting from as early as the build process. These include dust, welding slag, rubber from hydraulic hoses/seals, sand from castings, poor cleaning of components, and metal debris from machined components.

Open reservoir filling points, leaking heat exchangers, poor-performing or non-existing reservoir breathers, lack of proper filtration methods and worn cylinder seals are just some of the additional areas contaminants can enter during operation.

Another major source of contamination introduction simply happens when fresh, new, but dirty, contaminated oils are introduced. This can even happen during system top-ups.

How are contamination levels measured?

The following chart (ISO And NAS Cleanliness Codes) details the ISO code, relevant particle amounts and the type of application and its sensitivity level. More sensitive applications require cleaner oil to ensure reliability.

Can I trial CARDEV Filtration?

Absolutely. To avoid wasting anyone’s valuable time, however, we like the trial to be towards the end of the consultation process, to provide proof of concept. This means we will have gone through pricing with you, and we will have established criteria for a successful trial.

Why buy more oil when you can recycle the oil you have using CARDEV Filtration

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