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Coolant Cleaning Station


Central coolant recycling station capable of treating 500 litres of used coolant every 3 to 4 hours.

Supplied with 2x SDFC-P Filter Element.

Benefits include:

  • Coolant life can be extended by up to 4 times
  • Clean, tramp oil free coolant
  • Coolant costs (purchase and disposal) are significantly reduced
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved operator conditions – reduced oil mist, reduced bacterial growth, coolant odour reduced
  • Increased productivity and profitability


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  • Recycles used coolant
  • Significantly extends coolant life
  • Removes particles and trampoil
  • Controls bacterial growth
  • Provides a constant supply of recycled coolant
  • Coolant costs (purchase and disposal) are significantly reduced
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Dimensions (mm):
H: 1436 W: 1810 L: 1184
Filter Bag Type 1:
G1 300 µm
Filter Bag Type 2:
GO9 200 µm
Filter Element Type:
Standard Fit 2 x SDFC (Oil based fluids)

The CCS Process

Coolant from the workshop is collected in the CCS used coolant tank as sumps are emptied, or as a result of swarf handling / briquetting.

Used coolant passes through a bag filter (removing large particles), then into a tank filled with coalescing media (removing tramp oil) , then into the CCS process tank.

Compressed air and traces of ozone gas are then passed through the coolant via ceramic diffusers. The resultant micro bubbles act as a micro flocculant; creating flocs of tramp oil, organic matter, and other particles, which float to the top of the fluid. These undesirable elements are then skimmed, returned to the coalescing tank, and then removed to the waste tank; helping to control bacteria levels and prevent bio-film formation.

Recycled coolant is transferred through 2 x CARDEV SDFC-P depth filter elements, leaving the coolant ultra clean and in the CCS Recycled coolant tank, ready for use. This process will continue automatically under control of the PLC, assuming there is space in the recycled coolant tank and used coolant ready to recycle. Each 500 litre batch takes 4 hours to process.

The CCS can be connected to a distribution pipework system as well as supplying coolant locally via a dispensing hose and gun. By integrating a SmartMix coolant mixing station, the CCS can become the sole source of coolant in the workshop; the SmartMix will only mix new soluble product when there is not sufficient recycled coolant to meet demand.


Particles / fines removed from the coolant and the bottom of the sump via bag filter


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