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Delfin Tecnoil TC400 IF
For CNC Machine Tool Maintenance


The Delfin TC400 IF is a vacuum cleaner for swarf and oil, designed to suction and filter large quantities of liquids such as cutting oil and coolant mixed with metal chips.

Features include:

  • Suction from machine tools of oils and coolants mixed with metal chips
  • Complete steel construction
  • PPL filter for protection of motors from liquids and foam
  • Foam filter for protection of motors from liquid mist
  • Discharge system through reverse flow by means of a hose. No need for discharge pump
  • Side channel blower motor, powerful and silent, totally maintenance-free, suitable for continuous duty
  • Discharge hose for liquids
  • Vacuum gauge to detect filter clogging


Includes: Suction Hose & Tool Kit


Includes: Suction Hose, Tool Kit, & Floor Cleaning Kit

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Delfin 400IF Vacuum Cleaner
All Delfin Vacuum Cleaners Come With 2 Years Warranty
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Product Specifications

Suction Unit

Voltage V – Hz
400-50 3~
Power – kW
Max waterlift – mmH2O
Max air flow m³/h
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A)

Filter Type

Filter Type
3D SuperWeb
Media – Filtration
Nuovo valore


Dimensions cm
Weight kg


Delfin Accessory Kit

Suction Hose, Tool Kit, & Floor Cleaning Kit

1 50/50 connection
4m oil proof hose with cuffs
1 Straight connection
1 Steel bend connection
1 Rubber cone nozzle
1 Double bend
1 Aluminium lance mm500
1 Wheeled floor squegee

Delfin Hose Kit

Suction Hose & Tool Kit

1 PU ant hose cuff
3m PU hose
1 Steel bend connection
1 50/50 connection
1 Hose clamp
1 Aluminium lance mm500
1 Rubber cone nozzle


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