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SwissGlide COREX HLP
Industrial and hydraulic oils


MOTOREX COREX HLP is manufactured using carefully selected paraffinic and solvent- refined high-quality mineral oils enhanced with innovative and highly effective additives. These are lubricants of a unique quality, which comply with the various requirements, specifications and classifications of all prestigious manufacturers and all the most common standards.


  • Excellent wear reduction and corrosion protection
  • Extremely effective EP characteristics
  • Outstanding anti-foam behaviour
  • Neutral behaviour in relation to seals
  • A low pour point

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Coolant Mixing Stations capable of delivering via distribution pipework systems or locally via dispensing gun. Fast delivery, accurate mixing.

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MOTOREX SUPERGLISS K contain surface-active substances, which improve the coefficient of friction and even prevents stick-slip at slow feed rate and heavy loads.

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Fluid Transfer Unit – FTU

Portable transfer unit for draining / filling sumps, as well as removing particle contamination without any machine downtime.

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