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Watch our latest customer testimonial videos and everything you need to know about our CARDEV and MOTOREX product ranges.

Customer Testimonials

Try MOTOREX coolant for improved tool life - it's working for Alucast

Not only can MOTOREX improve your tool life, the coolant has improved longevity compared to other coolants and it assists in meeting HSE’s Health & Safety requirements. Alucast trialed the coolant on their new Quaser machine tools with great success!

Road Trip with ETL Fluid Experts Ltd

Gio chats with Matt about their road trip and how they are saving companies money.

Why are ETL Fluid Experts the preferred choice at Parker Precision?

MTDCNC recently visited Parker Precision Ltd to find out why they switched to ETL Fluid Experts. Gio discusses the benefits they have experienced with Adam Garnett which include faster speeds and feeds, better surface finish, better accuracy and increased longevity of the cutting tools and MOTOREX coolant!

Adding Value at MAZTECH with ETL Fluid Experts Ltd

Gio travelled to Maztech Precision with Matt Devlin from ETL Fluid Experts, to find out how they are saving time and money.

How To Reduce Cost Per Part With ETL Fluid Experts Ltd?

In this review, Gio talks with Matt Devlin from ETL Fluid Experts about how they are saving customers time and money with the Service, Coolant and Filtration Products they supply!

Typical savings include extended Tool Life, Coolant Longevity, Faster Speeds and Feeds, Extended Sump Life and Better Quality of Component to name but a few without also touching on all the environmental benefits and human compatibility!

Product Videos

CARDEV Swarf Briquetting

Swarf briquetting and coolant cleaning combined can produce some fantastic savings with a quick payback.

Click for information about swarf briquetting.

CARDEV Tramp Oil Removal Unit - T700

The CARDEV T700 is a portable transfer unit for draining and filling sumps, as well as removing tramp oil and particle contamination without any downtime.

More information about the T700 can be found here

CARDEV Fluid Transfer Unit - FTU

The CARDEV Fluid Transfer Unit (FTU) is a portable unit for draining/filling sumps, as well as removing particle contamination without any machine downtime.

Found out more about the FTU Unit here.

CARDEV Filter Element Change - SDFC

Our step-by-step video shows the correct way to change your CARDEV SDFC filter element.

Find out more about the CARDEV SDFC Filter Element

MOTOREX Product Range


Universal water miscible high performance metalworking fluids. For all materials from cast iron, steels, aluminium and exotics.


High performance grinding oils and metalworking fluids.


Cooling liquids & Spindle oil.


A complete range of waylube & industrial lubricants fluids.