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Tramp Oil Skimmers & Coolant Separators

Tramp oil skimmers and Separators remove tramp oil found in coolant sumps, reducing bacterial growth. Removes unpleasant smells. Increasing machine up time and it can extend cutting fluid life.

CARDEV MAX 1-50 Tramp Oil Skimmer/Separator 50mm Belt

The CARDEV MAX 1-50 Tramp Oil Skimmer/Separator has a stainless steel and aluminium alloy construction with a polyurethane belt. Fitted with an air agitator. Single-phase 230v. 50mm belt width.

Tramp Oil Removal – T700

Portable Tramp Oil Removal Unit, designed for continuous operation. Stainless steel construction.

Tramp Oil Removal – T700-AIR

An air powered version of our popular T700 mobile tramp oil removal unit. Stainless steel construction.