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Automatic Coolant Mixing and Top-Up

The SmartMix VCN System

e-FM Portal

How SmartMix VCN Works

Coolant data from the workshop is sent to e-FM Cloud.
E-FM uses target concentration and measured concentration to automatically vary top-up strength on SmartMix VCN; automatically maintaining / correcting concentration in each machine tool.

Cloud Connectivity

  • Total Coolant consumption per machine / per shift
  • Concentrate used per machine
  • Historic trend analysis – easily auditable HSE record keeping
  • Concentration
  • pH
  • Tank level
  • Coolant temperature
  • Tramp Oil observations

Frequently Asked Metalworking Fluid Questions

How does SmartMix VCN reduce coolant usage?

The fluid level drops in a machine tool for 2 main reasons; evaporation and drag out with swarf.

Between manual top-ups, as the level drops, the concentration increases due to evaporation. This means more product is lost to drag out with swarf, and a stronger top-up mix is needed to maintain working concentration. SmartMix VCN tops up little and often – automatically maintaining fluid level and concentration whilst consuming less concentrate. Operators can focus on production, knowing coolant will always be in an optimal state – improving tool life, coolant life, and reducing costs.

Why is it so important to control coolant concentration accurately?

Running too strong can cause foaming, product staining, and operator skin irritation, not to mention excessive consumption and cost. High concentrations compromise the cooling effect, so surprisingly you may see no benefit or even achieve less coolant performance when running a very strong mix.

Running too weak is a much greater risk. For example, when running at 5% instead of 8%, the difference is not “just 3%”. The weaker mix has almost 40% less concentrate, meaning all of the carefully selected ingredients are unable to perform their various roles effectively (biological stability. anti-corrosion, pH buffering, EP etc).

Why are my machine tools at wildly differing concentrations?

This is a very common situation. Different operators tend to have different top-up regimes, ranging from the diligent (needing a regular low concentration top-up) to the negligent (needing a strong top-up, only they absolutely have to). If there is only 1 concentration available for top-up it can’t possibly suit both operators, and things will drift over time. Eventually, some machines will become dangerously low in concentration whilst others are off the charts in strength!

Likewise, different machine tools and / or different jobs create different amounts and types of swarf. In turn this affects drag-out which will determine required top-up strengths.

SmartMix VCN fixes this by providing different top-up concentrations for each machine tool, and allowing for individual corrections when needed.

How do I measure coolant concentration?

Most commonly a refractometer is used to measure the concentration of an emulsion (water-based coolant). A small amount of coolant is placed into the refractometer, and light refracts through the fluid producing a % reading. Always remember to “zero” the instrument using water first, and apply the correct refractometer correction factor (found on the product datasheet) to ensure accurate readings.

What is tramp oil?

Tramp oil is free oil that has entered the coolant tank of a machine tool, usually from hydraulic leaks or from slideway lubrication. Tramp oil forms an air-tight layer on top of coolant, and the resultant lack of coolant oxygenation promotes bacterial growth that is detrimental to the health of both the coolant and your operators.

Can I trial MOTOREX coolant or ETL Fluid Expert's equipment?

Of course! There is no substitute for seeing the benefits of our solutions in your own workshop – we love a trial! We will work with you to determine the results you should expect, and what constitutes a successful trial for you and your business.

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