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By-pass Oil Filter


The CARDEV LDU-M8 is a by-pass filter suitable for engines of up to 150kw/15 litres oil. Max input pressure 2-6 Bar.

Supplied with 1x CARDEV LDFC Filter Element.

Benefits include:

  • Removes microparticles including combustion deposits
  • Removes free and dissolved water contamination
  • Increases engine reliability
  • Prevents engine corrosion
  • Reduces component wear
  • Extends oil life and generates CO2 saving
  • Reduces operating costs

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CARDEV Datasheet

The LDU-M8 features include:

  • Input pressure 2-6 Bar
  • Up to 99.9% water removed
    (both free and dissolved water)
  • Particle contamination
    (including combustion deposits) removed
  • Oil life can be extended by up to 4 times

Suitable for all types of industrial applications including:

  • Earth moving machines
  • Forestry equipment
  • Rail maintenance machines
  • Drilling/pilling equipment
  • Marine
  • Gensets
  • Truck and bus fleets

Flow Rate Through Filter (l/h)**:

70 (Max)
Dimensions (mm):
H: 287 W: 139 L: 123


Inlet: 1/4″ BSP (m)
Outlet: 1/4″ BSP (m)

Weight (kg):

Filter Element Type:
Standard Fit 1 x LDFC

Filtration Results

Water Removed

Removes free and dissolved water down to <50ppm (0.005%).

Particles Removed

100-times magnified, 1 scale mark = 10μm. Oil cleanliness maintained at better than new levels. (Down to 13/11/8 (ISO 4406: 1999) – Class 2 NAS 1638).

Each SDFC Filter Element Can Remove Up To

Particle Contamination

Water Contamination

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